Guide to buying Original Art Online

Where to buy Art Online, and how to know you can trust the website you are buying from.

Guide to Buying Original Art Online

A comprehensive guide to help you buy original art online in 2022. 

Art is transforming, rapidly, into the digital world, which makes it so very easy for you to indulge in all types of Art. The best feeling is when you see something that resonates with you, that tingling-urge that you must just have it. The worst feeling is when you have no clue how to get it. 

Think about how much time you spend every day browsing the Internet. It is incredibly satisfying to scroll through social media, such as Instagram, to appreciate works of art, especially when you can access websites with your smartphone anytime, anywhere. As the art world goes digital, art becomes more accessible. This is why buying art online has become incredibly convenient.

But how do I start to buy art online? Pay attention to the following:


Authenticity and Research

When you buy art online make sure you research the Online Gallery you are buying from, with the internet you can access a great amount of information. Most of the Online Art Galleries have a Social Media presence, follow their pages, read their comments, and always look up reviews. Finally, contact the galleries, they could possibly have a physical address you can visit or simply email them, we aren't as intimidating as you would think! 


Art Advisory Service

With such an overload of incredible Artworks, having an expert to help navigate their archives makes the process simple. Here at African Artwork, you have the chance to speak to an Art Advisor who can help you find your perfect piece, free of charge.


Money-back guarantee

One of the biggest barriers to making that initial leap to buy original art online is not being able to see the work in person before it arrives in your living room. This is why Online, Authentic, Galleries have a 100% money-back guarantee, to help ease a new buyer with their purchase.