New Collection by Kerry de Bruyn

"Lamu, for me, is a place of restoration and history. I immediately felt a spiritual connection to the place that made me feel at ease and able to just be, to slow down and enjoy the pace of life as it is on the island, slow and steady. The history I encountered while exploring and learning was incredible and to be in a space that has been through so much is a humbling experience.

I hoped to bring out the pace of life in the images I created as well as show the absolute architectural beauty of Old town and Shela. I'll be back again to enjoy this gem of a place, no doubt." - Kerry de Bruyn 

Lamu, located on the northern coast of Kenya, is a small island with a rich history and vibrant culture. The town's narrow streets are lined with traditional Swahili-style buildings, and the bustling waterfront offers a glimpse into the island's vibrant maritime heritage.